Another piece from my novel i am working on.,,,enjoy

Can ye stand up?a red headed gentlemen with his lips so dry like they can fall off asked her..”Jaysus” she thought to her self i wonder how come a doctor can look that unprofessional seriously..before she even continue saying rude words in her mind the pain kicked back again,her mind was now concentrating on the pain,she knew the pain was so unbearable while she was waiting there for this non literate looking doctor she prayed it will not be as bad as it was before unfortunately now all her strength was gone she could barely move.”Come with me”she tried standing up but she made the pain worse screaming seemed to be an option but her voice was gone. OK now shit i am doomed i cannot move i cannot shout and this man is just staring at me,she thought to herself.All she wanted to do was punch him in his ugly face.Funny enough she even thought to her self, OK now i am crazy i have no strength to stand,to move not even my voice and i want to punch him,do i have the strength?,………..


situations beyond his control;

This is part of a chapter i have in my book..It is when the most important person to you does not have answers to what you want to know,an emotional journey that will only stop when he is dead..more glimpse coming soon.

home is where the heart is but it felt like prison to him that day.He has never dealt with the situation before.He always avoided thinking about the day the little man will demand answers.Some one will wonder how he dealt with it,was he talking to professionals about it,was he doing counselling or was he counselling himself or did he just look up to the creator of the Heaven and Earth and say HELP ME but it was not helping.What ever he did that kept him going really worked…..